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  • Invitation letter of 120th China Import & Export Fair
  • From:Ginde   AddDate:2016-09-21 15:27:00    View:
  • Dear Clients & Freinds,
         As the most valuable piping brand in China, Ginde always focus on the improvement of  product quality and services . Now we are looking forward to the precious opportunity to gather opinions and suggestions from you for better coperation in the future.
         With great pleasure we would like to invite you visit our booth at 120th China Import & Export Fair which will be held in Guangzhou ,China from April 15th to 19th ,2016. Ginde will present the whole series of its quality products on a nearly 100 square meter stand and show you how your company can benefit from it, and will discuss with you about how Ginde could help with your business extension.
    During the Fair, Ginde International Deluxe Pipe Club will hold a grand event to welcome your coming. The Club party will provide a good opportunity for Club members and customers from all over the world to communicate and exchange business ideas.
    We shall be very glad to have your presence, and together we would make 2016 a more prosperous year!
         Best regards,
    Michael Liu
     Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group  http://www.xpj5944.com/en
     Chairman of Ginde International Deluxe Pipe Club
    Please come and visit us at
    Stand No.: Hall 10.2 E35-37 F10-12
    Exhibition Venue: Pazhou Complex, Xinggang Dong Road, Guangzhou
    Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou,
                    China: China Import and Export Fair
    Date: April 15-19 ,2016(Phase 1 of the exhibition)