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  • Ginde Operation Center
  • From:Ginde   AddDate:2022-04-12 15:46:54    View:
  • Since 2019, we have tried to operate new sales means in China, and nearly dozens of operation centers have been established in major cities.

    The sales model integrating product display, sales feedback, business consultation and product distribution is also a new attempt, which has played a very important role in product sales in recent years.

    Affected by the epidemic and the international environment, our sales quota has increased instead of decreasing. At present, the brand value has exceeded 16 billion yuan.
    Adhering to the concept of sincerity and the goal of a century of GINDE and ten billion GINDE, we are gradually getting better and better.I hope that the vast number of friends at home and abroad who are interested in this way of cooperation can contact us at any time and let us win together